5 Ways to Source Content Ideas

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“Content is the atomic participle of all digital marketing.” – Rebecca Lieb

Content is the most rudimentary building block regardless of the niche as it is as crucial as cells in our bodies for without it, no business can stand.

And these aren’t just words but a rule that I live by.

I’ve been writing for a while now and one thing that perplexes people around me is “how do I come up with ideas?”

Well, not gonna lie but as a beginner, it’s not as easy as it seems. But it is not something innate either, it’s all about your research and hard work.

Words don’t just come out of you and start spilling, in fact, there’s an entire thought process, knowledge, execution, and presentation.

With this blog, I ensure that you won’t invest as many efforts and years as much I had to. 

I’ve compiled a list for you to source content ideas related to your niche.

1- Know Your Audience:

The biggest mistake people make when trying to come up with ideas for content is this:

Creating ideas that they think will work, based on nothing but their intuition.

This is an issue because you have no clue if the idea will work or not. Your target audience may like the topic hence no traffic or the topic is unrelated to your niche & therefore your audience will not buy it.

Paul Barron, CEO of Foodable Network, once said “I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper, and strategic encompass for all our online business ventures.”

If you dive deep into it, you realize to post on social media, you need to know about it, its trends, and its functionality. 

Begin with those who already follow you on social media. See what they’re talking about by clicking on their profiles. Examine the brands with which they are dealing.

Or, what I personally do is ask my followers questions through polls/surveys on social media platforms that what would they like to see next, or what’s their favorite hot topic related to a specific niche, or cool integration suggestions.

The answers will assist you in developing fresh content concepts. No matter how you go about it, your end goal is to come up with something that your AUDIENCE is INTERESTED in.

For instance, If I work in the fitness industry, it would be a stupid idea to post about software. So, you’ll have to closely examine what should be your next idea to intrigue your audience.

2- Know Your Competitors:

“You can’t look at the competition & say you’re going to do it better. You’ve to look at your competition & say you’re going to do it differently.” – Steve Jobs.

Look at your competitor’s blog/website if you don’t know what to write about. This is one of the most effective methods for generating big lists of subjects in groups. Look over their postings and make a list of things you haven’t yet addressed.

You have a significant edge in this situation since you can try to make your post on the same topic even better than theirs. Let’s imagine you’re coming up with a new content concept based on a top 10 list from a competitor’s blog. You may try to outdo them by compiling a top 15 list on the same subject or you can look for the ideas that they have not covered.

You might look at other areas of your competitor’s website in addition to their headlines for new content ideas. Also, take a look at their feedback area such as comments on their website/blog to see the audience’s reaction to it.

3- Personal Stories:

I can’t emphasize enough the power of personal connection when it comes to stories. It allows your audience to not only relate but also come out of their comfort zones. 

Have you wondered why all these famous CEOs come up with their TED talks? It is because it is their story that helped them build themselves and their content. People love to watch/read inspirational stories for it allows them to understand that they are all humans and therefore everyone can shine as they do.

“Nothing sticks in your head better than a story. Stories can express the most complicated ideas in the most digestible ways.” – Sam Balter.

No one is like you & that is your power; your uniqueness. Tell your audience about your struggle, mistakes, and efforts, etc. And this is the type of content that will always truly be yours and only yours.

4- Seasonal Content:

Seasonal content has an expiry date, yet it can drive more traffic than any other piece of content during the time it is significant. However, if you want to get the most out of your seasonal material, you’ll need to prepare ahead.

Find a holiday marketing calendar that includes all of the major days for the year and add it to your editorial calendar. Most crucial, schedule seasonal content for publishing at least a month before the holiday. Don’t forget to give yourself another month to write the material and create the images. To avoid misconceptions, find out what each event means and keep your marketing strategy and intended audience in mind.

5- YouTube Videos:

Last but not the least, this one is my favorite

YouTube can also be a good place to look for fresh ideas. Treat it in the same way as you would a Google search. You’ll receive ideas as you start typing in a subject. When you watch a video, the sidebar will display relevant videos for you to examine. You can not only select subjects based on the names of videos, but you can also watch some of them to get ideas from the content.

You should read the comments section of YouTube videos in the same way you read the comments section of your own and your competitors’ websites. To assist you to come up with new ideas, look at the comments on your videos as well as the ones you’re watching.

And, here comes the best part of it. You can directly convert the videos into content with a click. It’s the easiest trick that I’ve witnessed over the years. Content Gorilla helps you create engaging content through YouTube videos with proper paragraphing, grammar, and visuals. Furthermore, you can spin the content for your feasibility and make changes accordingly. 

Have a look here – Content Gorilla.

Hands down, it works the best for me at the most affordable price. 

From time to time, you might feel exhausted to come up with new ideas but the world is ever-evolving and so are ideas, just keep these tips with you and work on them. You’ll never lack ideas, double-check. There are many resources, you just need to learn how to take advantage of them. 

Ps, I might have missed some great ideas. How about you tell me and other readers about it in the comments? 🙂

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