Reasons Why Content Creation/Presentation Matters

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“Content is the reason search began in the first place.

Do you think Google, Facebook, & Youtube, etc would exist if it weren’t for the content?

All of these platforms have one thing in common; CONTENT.

So, when you enter any keyword into the search bar, those links that appear in your search results are content. Whether you know it or not, you’re consuming content daily.

Take this analogy – a human without a brain. 

How useful is that? Absolutely worthless.

And no, I’ve not been watching the good doctor.

All these famous creators play their imagination game based on CONTENT. 

And then BOOM… you’ve got another great site to explore for the content you need.

Who wouldn’t want to create content & rank on the top? 

Well, if you’re here, you’re one of us.

It’s not as easy it seems…but that’s the entire idea of this blog, to make it easier for you.


“Content creation is the process of identifying a new topic you want to write about, deciding which form you want the content to take, formalizing your strategy (keyword or otherwise), and then actually producing it.”

First, let us all acknowledge that writing content can be an extremely difficult endeavor.

So, here are some pointers on how to CREATE CONTENT FAST AND GENERATE HIGH-VOLUME IDEAS:

Keep Up With Social Media Trends:

When creating content, be the best answer on the internet. – Andy Crestodina.

Your content no matter how good it may be will nowhere have a luck to be on the top if it’s not based upon the TRENDS. For this, you must know what is trending & what are people looking for exactly. Trust me, it’s never been easy. You no longer have to follow a procedure to know what PEOPLE are searching for. Instead, you stay updated with the trends & know what your content needs to have. After all, who are people? Us. 

BUT, even if you’re a lowkey person & do not like to stay updated with whatever is going on around you, it’s fine. You can still know what’s #Trendy!

Go to Instagram/Facebook, click on the search icon, then in the Tags category, type in your topic keyword(as #keyword) and you’ll get the results. You’ll learn about new tools, websites, trends, tips and techniques, and more.

You can also head to LinkedIn for industry-related trends.

Watching YouTube videos: Look up YouTube channels in your niche with a comparable target audience to yours, especially popular ones, and build your material on their topics and techniques. In addition, have a look at the videos you’ve been recommended. To find out what’s popular, go to Trending.

Photos: The first site that springs to mind is Pinterest, followed by Google Images, both of which are tied to a specific topic.

Podcasts: Because, why not? They’re the new thing, and there is a slew of applications that are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers that might be far more educated about the present situation.

Read blogs: There’s an intriguing feature about blogs: the writer gathers information from the readers, and the readers read the blog to learn more about trends or something else. lol. The truth is, blogs also feature a lot of other elements that differ from the readers’ worldview, such as the most recent news, an opinion from an industry expert, content quality, and, most crucially, relevance.

Blogs have this beauty to put information into a simpler, feasible, & understandable form that otherwise might take us hours to find. 

These are my personal favorites because of quite a few reasons but two that stand out are RELEVANCE & READABILITY.

1- Neil Patel

2- HubSpot

“Presentation is Everything”

There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s never what you do but how it’s done.” – IMAS

We all judge people based on the first 20 seconds we meet them.

How we present ourselves assists the meeting and helps set a positive outcome from the beginning.

However, content then kicks in.

I was watching America’s Got Talent the other day. One of the participants had an amazing voice but his choice of song wasn’t good enough. He was given another chance & he improved the content (his music choice) & made it!

The presentation got him on the door but it was the content that got him over the line.

We have already talked about content creation, let’s dive into PRESENTING THE CONTENT:

1- Make sure it’s SEO-friendly—it’ll undoubtedly be the most important component in the page’s and content’s growth.

2 – Add images and pictures- If you’re not a designer, utilize Canva to create eye-catching templates that reflect the theme of your material. I can’t emphasize enough how important graphics are. Check this out to know!

3- Focus on the reader’s key requirement- Read the question or topic and consider what might be going through the question writer’s head, then try to elaborate in brief and exact phrases.

4- Give suggestions: Write about your personal experiences and offer advice so that the reader may relate to and understand what you’re saying.

Since we’re talking about suggestions here, it reminded me of why shouldn’t I suggest a solution that covers up everything for you

This software has everything – literally everything that you need to rule the content world. No matter what your niche is, this is your CORE need!

From creating to presenting your content – Content Gorilla got you.

Well, don’t just trust my word & have a look here for all the details

“Content isn’t the king, it’s the kingdom.”

And I’m sure you’ll rule it with these three C’s: Consistency, Creativity & Content Gorilla.

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